Location: Brooklyn Fire Proof, 119 Ingraham St., Back Alley (entrance through the garden at Terra Firma)
Event date: November 4th, 2016
FREE – Doors at 6pm; Film at 7pm; Panel discussion following the film.
119 Ingraham St., Bushwick, Brooklyn (L Train to Morgan Ave.)
Food and drinks will be available at Terra Firma.
Seating will be available for approximately 220, first-come, first-served. An indoor location will be available in the event of inclement weather.


Photo Credit: “Spectrum” (1998) by Richard Phillips

Photo Credit: “Spectrum” (1998) by Richard Phillips

BROOKLYN, NY – On November 4th 2016, Brooklyn Fire Proof and Whitehot Magazine present acclaimed 2010 documentary New York is Now. The documentary’s director, and Whitehot Magazine founder and artist Noah Becker, in collaboration with Brooklyn Fire Proof’s film programmer, Kenneth Filmer, present a free outdoor screening of this important film. Seating will begin at 6pm. The film will begin at 7pm, with a panel discussion to follow.

The all-star panel of New York artists, assembled by Mr. Becker, will be on hand to discuss the New York art world, past and present. The venue, Brooklyn Fire Proof’s back alley at 119 Ingraham St., is embedded within an artist-rich block in Bushwick, Brooklyn, currently one of New York’s most significant art hubs. The panel will include Mr. Becker, Michael Holman, Bibbe Hansen, Michael Anderson, and Miguel Gesso.

New York is Now (2010, dir: Noah Becker, USA): Artist and Whitehot Magazine publisher Noah Becker hosts a fast-paced trip through the contemporary art scene in New York – now. Becker talks with major artists, auction houses, curators and dealers who put forth their views on issues of art world decentralization, the art market climate, and the clash between real and virtual art worlds via social media and the internet.

Featuring Lee Ranaldo, Richard Phillips, Bill Powers, Bibbe Hansen, Gerry Visco, Michael Anderson, Spencer Tunick, Michael Halsband, Richard Butler, Todd Levin, Nic Rad, Ryan Schultz, Jill Conner, James Salomon, Ned Smyth, Noah Becker and many more icons of the current art scene. Including performances by Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth and original soundtrack by Noah Becker featuring hip-hop legend Moka Only, Jules Chaz and guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel – New York is Now!


Noah Becker is a well known New York-based artist and the founder and editor-in-chief of Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art, an online contemporary art magazine. He is also a contributing writer for Art in America Magazine, Canadian Art Magazine and the Huffington Post.

Michael Holman is an artist, writer, avant-garde musician, hip hop impresario and filmmaker as well as Early 1980s downtown scene “subculturalist.” He’s best known as the screenwriter of the film “Basquiat,” directed by Julian Schnabel and released by Miramax Films. He was host of the short-lived hip-hop music program “Graffiti Rock” and a founding member, along with Jean- Michel Basquiat, of the experimental rock band Gray.

Bibbe Hansen is an artist who was born to parents Audrey Ostlin Hansen, the bohemian poet, and Fluxus artist Al Hansen, a participant in the Andy Warhol Factory. She is the mother of three children, musician Beck Hansen, Channing Hansen and Rain Whittaker.

Michael Anderson makes collage from international street posters and has shown internationally including past solo shows at Marlbourough Chelsea gallery. Anderson is commonly known as a collage master with an unequalled output of challenging works. In addition Anderson is known for his historic installation of graffiti stickers in the lobby of New York’s ACE Hotel.

New York based artist Miguel Gesso works with various media including photography, film & painting. His work explores notions of eroticism and kitsch, deconstructing these through improvisational methods. He has exhibited work in select shows in both New York City and Houston Texas. His work lives around the world including in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Australia, and the US among others.

Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art was founded by artist Noah Becker in 2005. Over more than a decade Whitehot Magazine has become one of the most popular international art magazines. Becker has published over 300 writers since the magazine was founded, many of them top art writers and critics. Whitehot has also introduced many new voices to the art writing world and beyond.

Brooklyn Fire Proof is a multi-arts complex in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It encompasses full-service film and television studios, artists’ workspaces, art management, and art galleries. Since its founding in 1999 by Thomas Burr Dodd, they’ve worked with a dizzying array of filmmakers, artists, musicians, and other creatives from all over the world. Brooklyn Fire Proof’s Summer Screening Series – also programmed and hosted by Kenneth Filmer – brought in a number of interesting collaborators and co-hosts from the art and film worlds, including Marcel Dzama, PFFR’s John Lee, and Nick Zedd. The series was listed in Brooklyn Magazine’s top 25 summer film events and was an Artnet editor’s pick.